No Halloween Prank: Half-Built ‘Horror House' Finally Dead

standard No Halloween Prank: Half-Built ‘Horror House’ Finally Dead

While many people may look at 1882 East 12th Street in Sheepshead Bay–now an empty lot surrounded by a chain-link fence–they may see neglected land and real estate blight. But it represents something very different to Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz (D-Brooklyn) and neighbors on […]

Photo by Matthew Taub

standard On a Range of New Developments, Legal Protections Leave Critics Wanting

Across several neighborhoods, critics of unfettered development are finding that a range of legal protections once trusted to thwart outsized construction cannot necessarily be relied upon. Community groups and preservationists are retooling where they can, holding demonstrations, filing additional lawsuits and perfecting appeals. But in other […]

"Brooklyn Housing Matters: Tackling Affordability" at St. Ann's Church (Matthew Taub)

standard St. Ann’s Housing Forum: Widespread Struggle for Affordability, But Few Solutions

“I don’t recognize my neighborhood anymore,” said Victor Li of Kensington. “No one can stop the developers.” “I live on Franklin Avenue, and our landlord has pulled one maneuver after another,” offered Elisa Holland of Bed-Stuy. “They want the rent-controlled tenants out, and […]

Is Landmarking Out of Control? Contentious Perspectives Clash at Crain's Event

standard Is Landmarking Out of Control? Contentious Perspectives Clash at Crain’s Event

A cataclysm of divergent views sparred in a healthy (if occasionally contentions) forum sponsored by Crain’s New York Business. “Is Landmarking Out of Control?” brought together an array of prominent figures, from developers to preservationists and others involved in the industry. Kenneth T. Jackson, Professor […]