standard ‘Seinfeld Night’ a Success (the Cyclones, Not So Much)

Matthew Konigsberg, 28, of Bensonhurst, dressed as "Newman" for the Cyclone's 'Seinfeld Night' Saturday

Matthew Konigsberg, 28, of Bensonhurst, dressed as “Newman” for the Cyclone’s ‘Seinfeld Night’ Saturday at MCU Park (Photo by Matthew Taub)

Free Keith Hernandez bobble heads for the first 2,500 in attendance and a host of other gimmicky exploits were a hit with ‘Seinfeld’ fans at MCU Park Saturday evening. The ‘themed’ Cylcones home game in Coney Island revolved around the legendary ’90s television show to commemorate its 25th anniversary debut.

“I’ve always loved the show, and I’m a fan of the team. This was the perfect event for me,” said Matthew Konigsberg of Bensonhurst, who adorned a full mailman costume–express mail package and all–to mimic the loathsome but lovable “Newman” character (portrayed by actor Wayne Night during the show’s nine year run).

If only the game wasn’t such an embarrassment for the sell-out crowd. An 18-2 loss to Aberdeen was the worst of the season, and despite the father of Cyclones starting pitcher Casey Meisner throwing one of the ceremonial first pitches, he lasted only to the fourth inning.

Still, fans were entertained with frequent interludes, including appearances by the “real” Lenny Kramer, the actor who played the “soup nazi,” and an Elaine-inspired bad dancing contest, to name only a few of the night’s irreverent offerings.

Despite being an avid Cyclones fan, “Newman” impersonator Matthew Konigsberg was more hesitant when asked for his major league team allegiance.

“I’ll say the Mets,” Konigsberg offered. “I’m getting a lot of love, but if I say the Yankees I’ll get killed out here.”