standard Screen Blows Away at Outdoor “Dazed and Confused” Red Hook Flicks Event

It drew a decent crowd and nice enough weather–until the screen blew away.

Red Hook Flicks, a community-sponsored event brining outdoor films to the masses, kicked off their season with “Dazed and Confused” on the Valentino Pier Tuesday night. But the weather posed a challenge.

“It’s looking a little iffy for later in the evening but since DAZED AND CONFUSED is only 90 minutes and we know how much you all love to be outside, we’re going to roll the dice and stick with it at the pier,” a post by Red Hook Flicks said before the event began. “That said, we are going to start PROMPTLY at 8:30. So be there early and bring some rain gear!”

The gamble looked to have paid off, with only some clouds and lightning in the distance, until about three quarters through the movie. Heavy winds whipped through the area, ripping the screen away.

But the crowd laughed it off and, sensing the storm was headed their way, considered it the proper time to pack up anyway.

Films will continue weekly at the pier, as per a set schedule. Admission is free. In case of rain in the future, sponsors at Home/Made will be hosting films at their event space Atelier Roquette, located at 63 Commerce Street, between Van Brunt and Richards.