standard NYC “Trashion” Fashion Show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard


The NYC “Trashion” Fashion Show was an outlet for artists, fashion designers and students to make art out of clean waste from the community that would otherwise be tossed into landfills.

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The event took place on May 31st at the Brooklyn Grange at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which was transformed into an underwater recycled seascape and featured a sustainable, creative runway to highlight “trashion” fashion designs.

As per Amy Merli, the Trashion Fashion Show founder:

The orange dresses made from scraps were made by Skraptacular.
Rachel DeCavage made the blue dress with straws and Smartfood, the dress with VHS tape, the dress with the orange straws and the purple dorito dress.
Angeline Winters made the black short dress one ballerina wore, the silver dress and the blue top and skirt another ballerina wore.
The tissue paper skirt and pink top were made by me and worn by Carolyn Paine with materials from Blo salon, tissue paper and postcards.
The wedding dress, blue dress with gloves and the two designs with umbrellas were made by Sarah Pruitt.


The full photo array appears below: