standard Culture Kids Gone Camping: ‘Migration Festival’ Takes Brooklynites North for Music & Outdoor Fun

The 'Migration Festival' will take place in Narrowsburg, New York (UCEECS)

The ‘Migration Festival’ will take place in Narrowsburg, New York (AWEP)

Brooklyn’s culture scene is getting its own camping-style music festival.

The “Migration Festival,” from August 1st-3rd in upstate’s Narrowsburg, New York, will feature a talent showcase of Brooklyn musicians with attendees camping under the stars. It’s an escape from the stress of the city in a tranquil town nestled along the Delaware River.

A bird's eye view of the festival location (Photo by AWEP)

A bird’s eye view of the festival location (Photo by AWEP)

Five acres of land have been reserved for festival goers, with additional activities ranging from group yoga sessions in the morning to silent discos all night, along with concerts, swimming, tubing and volleyball in between.

To be sure, the main focus is the music, which will be an eclectic array that includes jazz, blues, folk rock, and electronic Brooklyn house. Featured artists include the Whistleblowers, Charlie Phillips, Ben Brody of Flow State, Brandon Lopez and the Tongues, the Eitan Akman Band, Red Futon, and more.

Keeping the event authentic and with a sense of community, attendance is capped at 300 people. Tickets are still available, at $100. The fee guarantees a camping spot, morning yoga classes, and entrance to all musical performances. Camping gear and food are not provided, but bathrooms and showers will be available on site.

“You won’t want to miss this chance to feel the BK community vibrations and experience some incredible talent, all while relaxing in the breathtaking Catskills,” said Avi Werde, whose event production company created the event.

For more information, see the event’s web site.