standard City Tech Offers Proposals for New Downtown Spaces

A presenter showed off what is tentatively called his "Living Towers" proposal (Photo by Matthew Taub)

Charles F. Happel IV showed off his proposal, what is tentatively called “Living Towers” (Photo by Matthew Taub)

As a result of major zoning changes, Downtown Brooklyn has experienced a renaissance of construction with dozens of major new residential and commercial structures.  The award-winning Brooklyn Bridge Park brings thousands of daily visitors, and there are substantial numbers of new residents.

The area between the courthouses and the East River, however, remains unresolved with many underutilized spaces, multiple dangerous intersections, poor lighting, and overall difficulty for people to find their way around.

Starting yesterday and continuing through Wednesday, City Tech’s Department of Architectural Technology faculty and students are presenting their solutions to this problem, with proposed designs for sites between Borough Hall and the East River that hold exceptional, yet unfulfilled, potential.

Professors Jason Montgomery (right) and Michael Duddy (left) present to the audience (Photo by Matthew Taub)

Professors Jason Montgomery (right) and Michael Duddy (left) present to the audience (Photo by Matthew Taub)

The presentation, “Architectural Visions: Transforming Downtown Brooklyn—40 Innovative Designs,” offers innovative design proposals for transforming this area through imaginative architectural approaches, proposed mixed uses, transportation alternatives, and fresh changes to the streetscape.

“The development of downtown Brooklyn and the Brooklyn triangle is a remarkable renaissance in the development of New York City,”said Kevin Hom, Dean of The School of Technology and Design. “But joint efforts of our faculty and students have investigated and uncovered various urban design issues, which are close to our hearts.”

From ice skating rinks, parks over parking lots, concert venues, visitors centers, famers’ markets, mixed-use buildings and multicultural spaces, the proposals are not short on ideas. The exhibit is open for public viewing with dozens of architectural models, photography and animation that offer innovative and realistic solutions for transforming the area into a more exciting, friendly and welcoming environment.

City Tech (New York City College of Technology), of The City University of New York, is the largest four-year public college of technology in Northeast and a national model for technological education.

The exhibit is free and open from 9:30am to 5pm, November 17-19, at Borough Hall. For more information, contact Professor Agustin Maldonado at or 212-986-8872.