standard Celebrating ‘Dog Day’ the Brooklyn Way: With a Literary Event

Liz Weber (via Brooklyn Social Media)

Liz Weber (via Brooklyn Social Media)

In honor of National Dog Day, it’s a literary event for dogs and humans.

Bookworms and their companion hounds are invited to this unusual event next week at the newly opened Veterinary Hospital on Hicks Street in Brooklyn Heights.

Memoirist Liz Weber understands dog love first hand. Her life began to unravel when her oddly proportioned but adorable dog, Rufus, died of old age. She was forced to let go of the one constant in her life and move forward.

Memory Card Full (via Brooklyn Social Media)

Memory Card Full (via Brooklyn Social Media)

MEMORY CARD FULL is a memoir of her life as a bartender, model, and aspiring writer in Manhattan before and after Rufus. Without him, she is alone and broken-hearted and her life spirals downward while her friends and family struggle to understand what she is going through. Her memoir charts her course through grief and ends at her realization that there were important things in life that Rufus’ love had caused her to avoid. Embracing her power and strength, she is finally able to accept that letting go of him is the best way to go on and find love for herself and others.

Rufus, the author's late companion (Brooklyn Social Media)

Rufus, the author’s late companion (Brooklyn Social Media)

In honor of Weber’s inspiring story and the inspiration that we gain from relationships with our pets, the Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Hospital will be hosting a reading by Ms. Weber. There will be wine and snacks for both humans and dogs (snacks, that is) and a fun night of literature and canine appreciation.

National Dog Day was created in 2004 by Colleen Paige to show deep appreciation for dogs and their endearing patience, unquestioning loyalty, capacity for love, and the way they enhance our lives in miraculous ways.

‘A Literary Event For Dogs and Humans’ will take place at the Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Hospital, 59 Hicks Street, Tuesday, August 26th, from 7-9 p.m.