standard Brooklynites in Brief: Ilia and Andriy

Ilia and Andriy, General Contractor and Property Owner, Carroll Street & 4th Avenue

Ilia (left) and Andriy (right).

Ilia (left) and Andriy (right).

What are you up to today?

Andriy: “We’re painting the fire escape a new color.”

Where are you from?

Ilia: “I’m from Kiev, and he’s from Russia. We should hate each other!” [Laughter]

Photo by Matthew Taub

Photo by Matthew Taub

But you don’t?

Andriy: “No. The whole thing is stupid.”

Ilia: “Simple people suffering.”

Who do you support?

Andriy: “I don’t favor anyone. All politicians just get in the way of people trying to get by. Some leaders, they take so much–they take everything–from the simple people.”