standard Another Day, Another Royally Messed Up F (Turning Into a G) Train (Updated)

(Sarah Wood via Twitter)

(Sarah Wood via Twitter)

Update: we have received a statement from the MTA, which follows the original story below.

Looks like another day of royal F train delays, with a sprinkling of assault and battery:

Early reports claim that, due to signal problems, some F trains were rerouted to the D line. Others also reported an F switching to a G, and vice versa (which we’ve certainly covered before):

Some sublimated the experiences, letting the creative juices flow:

For the rest of us, how do we cope?


(Brooklyn Brief is checking in with the MTA to find out what happened).

Update 1: The Pols are on it.

Update 2:  We have received a statement from the MTA:

“A problem with a switch south of Church Av that caused delays for about ½ hour.  G service suspended between Church and Bedford-Nostrand.”

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