standard After a Rash of Neighborhood Shootings, Crown Heights Residents Rally

Photo by Alex Vitale - Used With Permission

Photo by Alex Vitale – Used With Permission

A community organization in Crown Heights has had enough.

After a shooting in St. John’s Park on May 31st left four injured, and another shooting the previous Thursday claimed a 37-year-old man on Albany Avenue, Save Our Streets (S.O.S.) Crown Heights organized a rally Monday evening to protest the rising tide of violence.

“It was a very emotional event,” said Alex Vitale, a Sociologist at Brooklyn College who lives nearby and attended.

The recent back-to-back criminal episodes brought an end to an 80-day lull in violence for the area.

At the rally, several dozen neighborhood residents gathered around the afflicted families and called for an end to the shootings. S.O.S. outreach workers and local clergy spoke eloquently about the need to support each other and keep the peace.

But the struggle for the neighborhood’s calm is far from over. Local community groups are asking neighbors and supporters to help.